Our Existence        

          ADVAN-KT (Advancing the Knowledge Transfer) was started in 2008 as an educational hub to serve the self learners, independent researchers, independent graduate students and also the drop-out doctoral students for their educational needs. This does not mean that Advan-kt has excluded others but to serve the needy persons mainly. We were initially registered and located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India, and later registered in few countries for marketing purposes. From 2010 and onwards, Advan-kt has also served as students service center for few universities but from 2015, we have upgraded ourselves with partners to facilitate industrial programs as well as academic programs across Asia. In 2015, we had a turning point to promote the Mass Open Online Courses from 'Top 100 Universities' and concurrently had franchised with several universities programs for our clients (MOOC-based). Then from 2016 till now, we joined force with cutting edge research projects from world renowned universities and became the first private organization for graduate studies (PhD by Prior Publication). Started from early 2019, we have focused on Industrial-PhD as well as PhD by Publication around the world.

Advan-kt will be splited into five division from year 2020 as to support: 1) Doctoral Studies, 2) Conference and Publication, 3) Research and Citation, 4) Free Education and MOOC and 5) Technological Startup and Research and Development . Any enquiry, should be sent to admin at staff@advan-kt.com.

In order to complete any doctoral level studies, the students are required to apply formally with us and all students must follow the traditional and rigorous processes. There are no adjustments in whatsoever mean. Quality is our pride as we practice fair and square (honestly and straight forwardly) policies. ADVAN-KT imposes no condition for any of its clients (students) as we strongly believe in the transparent system of certificate awarding bodies. Moreover, we regularly help the students to clear up their obstacles or barriers in the path of doctoral studies. This objective has somewhat attracted many higher degrees students in Asia and around the world because the number of volunteers are continuously increasing for. For more than a decade, we have helped many doctoral students to complete their studies through our alliances (institutes/colleges/universities); that have been established and accredited internationally. We also ensure that all the doctoral level qualifications are recognized by the relevant professional bodies around the world, prior to the student enrollment with any specific university. We keep on recruiting the new and talented young researchers for cutting-edge research knowledge generation and also for the international peer-referred publications production. After a long search for the academical and industrial excellence, we have recruited prominent researchers to advise us, work with us, and who have obtained numerous research grants from world renowned organizations and also widely contributed to the scholarly works in ISI-listed journals. To date, Advan-kt facilitates from A to Z for any doctoral student to complete his/her studies successfully. In other words, we are doing well at doctoral level education as we contribute significantly in the academic and industrial arena. We regularly have seminars in Asia and we chosed to see our clients from our selected Seminar Spaces.

Existing Importance of ADVAN-KT (A Cartoon Representation)

What Drive Us ?

           Successful people always have different perception on education. Some of them are very different from traditional education while some of them have one-to-one teaching ideas. Dr. Peterson runs his own online university with single man shows. He argues that his knowledge generation can never be found elsewhere. We admire all...